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100 Things

100 Things About Me.

1. I am left handed.
2. I am not fond of talking on the phone. It makes me feel irritated and impatient.
3. I think I am fundamentally a solitary soul
4. I like to make certain dishes from extreme scratch. Making noodles, then filling, then ravioli, then sauce to put over them. Then bread from yeast and flour to go with it all. Yum.
5. I am a champion sleeper. I’ve slept days at a stretch. This is not neccessarily a good thing.
6. A nice skirt can make me swoon. I love skirts.
7. I have bony wrists. I can wrap my hand around them and my pinky and thumb will meet.
8. I am oddly musically unadventurous. I have wide ranging tastes, but tend to find the band I like and be happy having just them in my playlist.
9. I am first of three children.
10. My siblings and I are not terribly close. But my sister moved her and we’re working on it.
11. Sometimes this depresses me, but often it just makes me feel free.
12. I love texture. This is why I spin, and knit.
13. A good piece of cloth can send me deep into ‘fabric contemplation’.
14. I really, badly want a loom. I got a loom for Christmas, and now badly want to learn to make things with it.
15. I write gramatically correct phone text messages.
16. This takes a long time, but I still can’t bring myself to abbreviate words.
17. I have a teddy bear named Brummig. I can’t fall asleep unless he’s in the bed with me.
18. The way I read books drives my ex nuts.
19. First, I read the book at lightening speed, to get the shape of it. Then, I read it two or three more times for details.
20. I could slow down, but I just don’t enjoy reading more slowly.
21. I love those cheap breaded chicken nuggets when they’re slightly overcooked and chewy. I know that is very odd.
22. I prefer mustard to ketchup.
23. I love wasabi horseradish mayonaise.
24. I apparently just love salty/spicy combos.
25. One of my favorite meals is chips, salsa, and sour cream.
26. I’ve become very picky about my salsas, chips, and sour creams. Low fat sour cream? Not happening.
27. I love goat cheese. Very much. So good.
28. I think beer is gross. Some things just shouldn’t be carbonated. Like beer. Ew. Beer is the nectar of the gods. IPA is its highest form.
29. When I was younger, my hair was strawberry blonde ringlets.
30. I wish I knew what happened. My hair is now a brownish-auburn wavy mess.
31. One of my least favorite online phrases is ‘too bad you have a boyfriend’.
32. I wonder…too bad for me? Um.
33. Or, if it’s too bad for you…you assume if I were single, I’d automatically attach myself to you?
34. My boyfriend is awesome, and I wish there was another succinct word for ‘awesome’ that meant ‘awesome multiplied by a thousand’.
35. My favorite number is 21. It’s 7×3 (two primes!) and also the day of my birth.
36. Which is June 21st.
37. I’m a cusp girl, between Gemini and Cancer.
38. I feel much more watery most of the time.
39. I detest the willfully ignorant.
40. I’ve decided I love period television dramas.
41. I haven’t decided if it’s the clothes or the speech patterns.
42. My dreams are usually more interesting, though.
43. Currently, Depeche Mode is my favorite band/singer person.
44. I have seen Depeche Mode live twice, and it was great every time.
45. Though I think ‘People are People’ is consistantly their weakest song live.
46. Musically, I prefer male voices to female.
47. I love where Gahan says ‘And you look good’ on a Question of Time. The phrase in his mouth is pure sex.
48. I gave in to smart phones, and I am at a loss without one now.
49. I prefer to make my coffee with a French Press. I like the silt at the bottom.
50. But I am aware that much of my joy in the press is the romance in being so involved in the making of coffee.
51. I have a mountain bike I rarely ride.
52. But, I have a road bike and a hybrid I ride more often.
53. Two years ago, on vacation, my boyfriend, his sister and I rode our bikes self-supported from NYC to Montreal.
55. I feel no guilt in buying $6 coffees on occasion. Some people smoke crack or spend $600 on shoes, I buy fancy coffee. They are good.
56. I also buy a lot of books.
57. My favorites tend to be the melancholy ones – Margarett Atwood, Douglas Cooper, Jhumpa Lahiri…books that don’t neccessarily end happily and leave me quiet and curled on my bed when they’re done.
58. I also like funny books, but I don’t re-read them like I do the sad ones. Except for Terry Pratchett.
59. I sometimes buy books because of the /idea/ of me reading them – books of femenist essays, books on philosophy…
60. I rarely actually read these books. I’m more in love with the idea of reading them.
61. These books stare accusingly at me from bookshelves and I can’t bring myself to throw them away. It’s very sad.
62. I have a feather duvet on my bed. I live in Florida. I still find the duvet a neccessry luxury.
63. If I am at home at any time during a thunderstorm, I feel the immediate need for a nap.
64. I love the heaviness and drape of linen.
65. My favorite perfume is ‘Happy’ by Clinique.
66. The first car I owned outright was totaled when someone rear ended me while trying to retrieve their cell phone.
67. My new car has a payment, but it also has air conditioning. So I feel I came out ahead.
68. It desperately needs a cleaning, and I am publishing this in hopes the guilt will motivate me.
69. Sometimes I worry that I will never have enough money to do things I want to do.
70. I went to college for one year.
71. I had a $40,000 scholarship.
72. I failed miserably.
73. I was too young to take control of all the parts of my life at the same time, and ended up sleeping all the time, locked in my room, and dropped down to 98 lbs.
74. I am 5’7″
75. I taught myself to make French macarons last year.
76. I sell them from my food truck, and have at times sold almost 500 at one event. 500 macarons is basically 12 hours of labor.
77. I won an award last year for ‘Best Confection’ at the South Florida Festival of Chocolate with a mint chocolate macaron. I’m going for it again this year.
78. This makes me feel like less of a fraud, because making money doing this feels completely unreal sometimes.
79. As bad as some things were with the ex, I am eternally grateful for the musical influence.
80. He showed me Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, Pizzacato Five…we met at an Apoptygma Berzerk concert.
81. I used to be a choral singer. I guess I still am.
82. I was a member of the Master Chorale of South Florida before I started my business.
83. I’m in love with the tricky middle parts. I sang second soprano, first alto.
84. To this day, a beautifully tuned choir singing something I know will make my fall back with my eyes closed, smiling. I even direct with my hands…crescendo, phrasing…
85. I wish I could have stuck with Master Chorale, but the business makes regular rehearsing impossible.
86. I also used to ride horses.
87. I won grand champion at the first and only show I rode in.
88. Then again, I was riding pre-beginner against 7 year olds. Though I was not pre-beginner. Oh, well.
89. My horse (the one I owned once upon a time) broke my foot.
90. Parts of it are still numb.
91. When I was two years old, I had a seizure.
92. A little boy kicked me against a cement wall and I hit my head.
93. I have been in one car accident of my own making, and two that were completely out of my hands.
94. Re: the one of my own making – never read while driving.
95. MY favorite colors shift. But right now? I am in love with reds.
96. My favorite flowers are snapdragons. They’re quirky and vibrantly colored.
97. I prefer white golds, platinum, silver to yellow gold.
98. I dyed my bangs pink for several months this year. Everyone should go with a ‘crazy’ color once, it was fun.
99. I tend to be most active at night, prefering the quiet of 3 am to the eye-searing sun of 9am.
100. I hate my chin.



1. jennesis - June 8, 2006

I like you blog, girl!

2. jennesis - June 8, 2006

And i think your chin looks just fine!

3. Jasmeet Singh - June 23, 2006

Brianna ur an awesome girl, am sure what u wrote above, u have lot more in u, ur simply gr8, God Bless U!!!!

4. Marianne - October 25, 2006

Hello there, I thought I would let you know I came accross your blog by googling ‘I hate my chin’.

Your blog is interesting to read (interesting as in good-interesting not weird-interesting, just clarifying)

I think I’ve said enough!

p.s Your chin is fine!

5. CB - February 8, 2008

Brianna Flynn from Griffin High School?

6. Brad LaFoy - October 18, 2009

This is a good list. It made me sigh many times.

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