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Caffine. February 13, 2006

Posted by brianna in Verbosity.

Blessed substance. Though…I’m now jittery and overtired and skuttling around my room like one of those cheapie windup figures you might get in a happy meal. Thankfully, I am the only one around to see this, as the cats are studiously hiding under furniture, totally freaked out at the new state of the room – i.e., everything in big tupperware bins. The newest kitty, Kay, spent a good hour wandering around meowing sadly, wondering what on earth was going on. I laughed…I couldn’t help it, she looked so sad and confused and sweet.

Ooooooh, what to do, what to say, where and when to go? I have endless errands tomorrow – bank going and car servicing and cat carrier buying and car cleaning and rent paying (siiiigh). Will I have time to do everything tomorrow and leave in time for Sushi with a friend? Or, will I waste another day? This is why I dislike weekends. If only things were open today, most of this would be done!

Every time I think of myself as ‘busy’, the Little Mermaid pops into my head ‘I’m a very busy person and I havn’t got all day!’ Ah, the Little Mermaid. I’ve had such a craving for Disney movies lately…Aladdin and the Little Mermaid and Lion King. The ones I can sing every song to, in harmony! It’s a shame we have to outgrow them…some turn to musicals, and there are a few I love, but it just isn’t the same. How nice to have everything simple and pat – girl from one culture meets boy from completely different background, hilarious and troubling things happen, but in the end there is love and the princess is waving in front of the castle in her wedding dress! No mention of the difficult year that is sure to follow, testing nerves and patience as each struggle to adjust to each other’s habits, religions, tics, vices and cultures. Nothing of the poor princess feeling awkward having servants and using the wrong fork at dinner and accidentally talking too long to the pervy duke, nothing of the handsome prince getting irritated at his new wife’s social anxiety that blossomed once she realized the scope of her role, and staying out every night with his friends so he doesn’t have to deal with her depression.

Nothing against Disney movies…poor children would be scarred for life by ‘Cinderella: After the Wedding’ I imagine. But it does make you wonder…did Aladdin get heavy handed after he married Jasmine, overcompensating for his humble beginnings? Did Ariel start to crack after so many seafood suppers, and go PETA on the castle to the embarrasement of the entire family? Did Cinderella have problems with her inlaws, constantly arguing with her mother-in-law about the wages of servants and the humane trapping of mice in the cellar? I wonder…how will I deal with compromise? Everyone thinks they are flexible until they’re actually asked to give something up, when it matters. And suddenly you find out how much certain small things mean to you – like moving back in with your parents and realizing that you /liked/ being able to make bread at 3 am without anyone getting grumpy.

I’m sure time will tell – am I truly the adaptable, easygoing girl I believe I am? =)

I’m not nearly so cynical as I sound…just thinking thinking. Making sure I am /actually/ taking a step back and squinting through my good eye to see how things lay (Doesn’t that give you an image of Brianna: The Pirate?), instead of just thinking I am.

And on that note, I am downloading songs from Aladdin. Because, I really need to hear ‘One Jump Ahead’, as that’s very fun to sing along to. Also – ‘Make waaaay, for Princ Aliiiiiii’. Oh, Robin Williams. Fabulous.

One of my fondest childhood memories is from California. My family didn’t have tons of money, but when 101 Dalmations came out, we made sure to get it. In addition! We went to Penguins to get delicious frozen yoghurt sundaes. Mine was cookies and creme with hot fudge and brownie and sprinkles and whipped cream and I had never tasted anything so fabulous. My mom broke a Big Rule and let our dessert be our dinner, and we all gathered around the TV and watched the movie while devouring sweets. I loved the animation style…that sort of faded brown-heavy angular. The soft English-type accents. As much as Disney has declined these days (We need villians, Disney, please!), the old movies still bring back such great memories.

Oooh, in Prince Ali, the chorus comes in off the beat! Love it. (Such a geek. I also perk up at triplets and hemiola in music.)

In short, though…so happy today. I’m warm and clean, and hear the snowplows outside. I had…a very lovely conversation and feel….liked. ;) Soon I’ll have to start paying for the elipsis, though. I don’t know what to say these days without sounding like a moony teenager – a tone I’ve long since schooled myself to avoid, merely because the sacchrine squeal of twelve year old girls echoes piercingly through my skull, and just – no.

I can’t believe I babbled on this long about fairy tales.

And now, bed.


1. thelode - February 28, 2006


What a wonderful post!!! This post was so insightful with the post fairy tale life realities.

I’ve actually heard of that, or the like, described as a syndrome. I think they called it cinderella syndrome. It’s where a person thinks that it will be all fairy tales without the problems that you so accurately described above. It leads to depression, anxiety, problems, and the next Disney chapter — divorce. ;)

The fairy tale ends cinderella and they aren’t all happy endings, but I think that most CAN be at least if the both try and don’t give up.

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