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Southern Comfort February 17, 2006

Posted by brianna in Verbosity.

Meaning: I don’t need a coat here!

I am in Georgia for the first time in almost a year…and it’s odd. Familiar, and different, mixed together into a confusing mesh.

Since I’ve been gone, the landscape has changed, things have shifted, and my mother has left the house. It looks….bare. No decoration. The refridgerator is empty. The mantel is bare. The tables devoid of knicknacks. It’s clean in a utilitarian way, dishes in the sink – but the desk is impeccable.

I’ll only be here for a day, not long enough for Georgia to sink into my skin, thankfully. I’m already weary of the endless billboards and random shopping centers springing from nowhere, huge boxes with glowing names plopped in the middle of scrub pine and surrounded by acres of parking lot. The first time was neat – all the choices! But now it’s dizzying and slightly depressing…they sacraficed character for choice, and community for profit margin. I’m back in the land of driving fifteen minutes to get anything…the shopping centers are almost always build miles from housing – cheap land! Here, I drive twenty minutes in one direction for groceries, in the other direction to get to my old school, in a separate direction to get to the highway. Everything’s hopelessly spread out, and I miss New England and their functioning Main Street and all the little shops with the actual owners present and accounted for. Main Street here is always silent and empty, a few struggling shops holding on, two or so bars (most people drink at the big chain restaurants), a few bank branches, and a train station they worked at making functional and then…abandoned. They’ve spruced it up, but noone ever /goes/ there, or shops there! Especially when it’s a twenty minute drive to get to town. =p

Ah, the South. It’s not like this everywhere, but most places they spread out instead of up, and growing up in this house I never knew my neighbors, and could never ‘hang out’ with anyone because…well, every place was so far away and I couldn’t drive!

I’m tired, but wired from too little sleep and too much mental activity, planning routes in my head, wondering about money, seeing my mom, going to the post office, my car’s engine…little things piling together and making my head throb. I’ve driven from Maine to Georgia in two days – certainly a record for me! The poor cats are so miserable in the car, they’re practicly smiling in the little haven I made for them in the landry room…food! Water! Litter box! Places to lay down! It’s like heaven!

I will have to make do with the couch. No biggie, I am a small person, and the couch is comfy! Hopefully, tomorrow I will sleep and sleep until I feel lighter and less kinked up – a new, smoothed out Brianna, fresh like a promising sheet of linen paper. Read for the new day to scribble profanities all over me. =p

Ah, my lousy metaphors.

I should lay down now, though, and avoid reading the news (news makes me angry.) and hope my dreams being me happy thoughts to carry me through the fun ‘split family’ day tomorrow. Ah, the obstacles to avoid! I will attempt to pay equal attention to both parents without making either feel slighted! Join with me in laughter! =p

And now the fingers go on strike. Goodnight!


1. thelode - February 26, 2006

I like your blogs.
sorry I don’t have anything profound to articulate right now (brain dead am I) but I think they are well thought and well written and above all enjoyable.



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