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Silence February 18, 2006

Posted by brianna in Verbosity.

This is the sound of my family talking!

Yes, exactly. I’ve been here for a day. As usual, my dad and I communicated by putting on music, and then changing the songs. He played poker, I talked to…..someone. =) Then he went to bed. A few hours passed. I fed the cats. I read things online. I watched a cartoon online. My brother came home. He made food. We are now sitting silently in front of the TV!

Wait, he told me about making BBQ sauce! The action never stops here!

And I guess in some places, this would be bizzare and unusual…but not so much here. I don’t recall any real ‘animated family discussions’ offhand. My siblings and I can talk individually, but argue as a group. My dad talks to me mostly about money. My mom and I do have actual conversations, and this is constantly amazing to me – a fairly recent development. Hm. Maybe this ties into my tendency to sit and not talk to anyone for days at a time? =)

I slept till five today, so right now I am in no way tired. Tomorrow, it’s lunch with mom and the Great Kitty Handoff of 2006. Then, more driving. I’m so excited about that, no. Really. I am. Totally.

Blarg. I hate just writing about my day. I’ve never found those things really interesting, unless you happen to be Mimi Smartypants. But here I find myself falling into the same old trap. I don’t even read knitting blogs if there are no pictures. I get frustrated with topical blogs that don’t mention the human behind. Perhaps I’m just picky. But I know I certainly wouldn’t read this crap.

Now the brother and I are talking politics.

Now we are watching Team America, waiting for a friend to arrive! It is nonstop exciting at Chez Flynn here. Almost 5 am.

So exciting, in fact, that I am going to stop typing.


1. me* - February 21, 2006

why did you stop!
write moreeeeeeeeee!

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