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The art of melting February 21, 2006

Posted by brianna in Verbosity.

1. It is green here. Not just ‘green’, like – there are many pine trees, or some of the grass has started to grow again…but GREEN! Trees are flowering, flowers are flowering, the grass is groomed within an inch of its life (and so are the people…)

2. I have coconuts in my front yard.

3. Lizards live on my front stoop.

I am currently in a bistro waiting on lunch. I am so, so very hungry it is embarrasing. The restaurant is right across from the hotel I’ll be working at, which is something, anyway. And, oddly…I have a wireless connection, which is certainly much appreciated, though also perhaps a little immoral to just ‘borrow’ it for some typing time. Ah, well. I believe in the spirit of sharing. =)

Let’s resort to just basic description. I’m in jeans and some layered shirts and sandals. I am the most dressed person in the vicinity save for an older woman sitting outside. I am also likely the palest. People here like their sun, and I feel a bit like a vampire with bad hair. Random people are saying ‘hello’. I’d forgotten about that Southern thing. It certainly happens in Maine, but usually only with eye contact. Or, perhaps, they see a girl in a restaurant with her laptop out and either think I’m important, or a critic…hah.

I’m sitting inside, because it is HOT here. Humid and eighty degrees. To my left is a courtyard with some outside seating. A few people are parked out there. Across the courtyard is a swimwear shop, and I can see many lovely ads for bikinis. The floors here are stone (Oh, my goodness. A very nice man just unwrapped my silver for me and put my napkin into my lap. That is service. Pasta’s good, too). Ah, right. Stone floors, and in front of me, above the door and stretching from one side of the room to the other is a giant wine rack. The inside walls are distressed plaster (trying to look ‘old’ and ‘Italian’), and the exterior of the restaurant itself is buttery yellow stucco.

It’s very pretty, but so often I find this sort of pretty ‘contrived’…just too carefully planned out. It’ll be fine for a few months, though…more than fine! I can walk to the water, I have a working TV and a nice bed (For once. The matresses in Maine always end up compressing to nothing). My living quarters are compact…but sort of cute. A big bedroom/livingroom/dining area, complete with tiny dropleaf table and chairs. A tiny hall, and to the left is my two burner stove (no oven), a non-functional kitchen sink, and a fridge. The whole contraption is less than three feet square. Above is a little cabinate. To the right is the bathroom – tiled shower, sink, etc. It’s about the size of a larger hotel room, but I’m not sharing with anyone, at least!

My front door opens to a courtyard with coconut palms and various other greenery. Everything’s peach stucco, and there are lizards everywhere. Even the chain stores here are groomed and stucco…nothing can look glaring or ‘tacky’ here.

I have a half hour before I go meet my boss and get some paperwork done. So, enough of the typing. (And as soon as I say that, the wireless goes away. Hmmm. Oh, it’s back!)

This pasta really is very nice!


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