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Spinning time. February 24, 2006

Posted by brianna in Verbosity.

Oh, I wanted to write something, and now…it’s slipped away. Which is frustrating – how often do I get excited about paper, the smell of ink…….and then, as soon as I’ve gathered materials, apathy chases away the excitement and slumps all over me. Glomphing Apathy. What a lovely name for a band.

My door is open, and a tropical rain is pelting the sidewalk and shaking the palm fronds and making lovely wet dripping sounds outside my door. The air smells wet and green and fresh, with just a hint of wet asphalt. Rain here is different. In Maine, rain is usually grey and slow and ushers in a creeping, aching chill. It occasionally is warm and sweet and brief in the summer, and cold and brisk and promising in the spring, but the winter rain tinges all my memories of it. In Georgia, rain is usually just brutal and wet and increases humidity, though the day after, when pollen is washed away and plants perk is lovely. Here, rain seems green and heavy and almost neutral. This rain brings no wind with it, and my door stands open without soaking my carpet. The drops are large, and the ground just opens itself to it – no flooding, no puddles so far. I wish I were warm blooded enough to walk on the beach – I love the beach in the rain! But, I know I’d just end up cold and miserable, so I’ll just imagine it from the perch on my bed.

I’ve been trying to spin the last of this cashmere, because it is essential to a project I am planning! I don’t have a lot left, /and/ I have a day off tomorrow. =) Scheduling was odd today…because I worked 3-11 last night, and 11-7 am today, it’s almost like a day off, the price being a few lost hours from my ‘scheduled’ day off, which is followed by a frightening 7-11 shift. I hate mornings. They should just…go away, and leave me alone. No mornings for me, thank you. (Wow. It just gets greyer and greyer here…) I’ve never had a problem with staying awake for my night shifts, but being asleep and waking at 7? I don’t think I’ve ever done that happily. I fear the day I’ll have to become a ‘normal’ person with a ‘regular’ sleeping schedule, and people have to put up with me being grumpy until about noon.

I love the History channel. I watched something on books left out of the Bible a bit ago, which was fascinating, and now I am watching something on the Holy Grail. My thought – How on earth will you ever know? Still, the ideas and sense of the ancient always excites me. Perfect spinning programming. I wish a certain boy were here, because the conversation would be fascinating. And I could use the company, as my plan of an hour long walk down Atlantic to see if I could find the yarn shop (but not buy anything. No, really. I swear!) and also to buy coffee and poke my head into the glass galleries to see other work by artists whose work I sell in Bar Harbor. I know that sounds boring. It really isn’t! And, it helps when, in the gallery, someone can say ‘Oh, I’d like it better in blue’ and…I know exactly what it looks like in blue because I saw it in another gallery, and can describe it to them and order it. Ok, you were right. It is probably only interesting to me.

Another ‘rain’ observation. Ever watch rain on a roof? That sort of ‘blowing’ pattern it makes when the breeze catches it? Tall grass and grain makes that same ripple in the wind.

I socialized last night. Amazing. It was…interesting. Various people who work at the sister hotel, and their friends sat around and talked, and I joined. Wow…some conversations were phenomenally stupid. An argument about vegetarianism. Argument about religion, with two people going on and on about Buddism. There’s nothing wrong with Buddism, but it does seem like the new ‘fad’ religion, and most of the people I’ve met who profess it seem to enjoy it because it gives them a sense of the spiritual without requiring any sort of actual commitment. Anyway. One of the girls decided I required makeup, and put the most awful lipstick ever on my mouth. (I’d just washed my face, too =( ) She also asked me if I were just trying to be interesting. Though, at that point, I was just trying to be random because oh please can we change the subject I am so tired of listening to people babble about alternative spirituality please please please. Anyhow, it was good to talk to people, even though some of the conversation glided towards the completely inane.

On a completely superficial note (though, isn’t this all superficial? Really? Hm. Maybe this is just a disclaimer so I don’t feel guilty. Blaaaaaah) Anyway. My hair. It is drying. And the curliness does not look funky. I am so pleased.

I am also so frustrated! I am stranded here with no umbrella! I want to check my mail and type things and read things and drink overpriced coffee! I want to walk down the sidewalk and look in windows and see people and…things. And now, because I’ve procrastinated…I can do none of these things because it is raining. Grrrrrr. I have five hours before work. I need to leave this little room before then! But I’m too much of a baby to just walk through the rain. My own fault. But wet jeans are miserable. Thank goodness the TV is actually working, and that I’ve fixed the part of my wheel that snapped when I moved.

Ack. Bible code freaks me out. I do not want to live in the end times. I do not want there to be end times! I want to have children and grow old with someone and watch my children grow older and I want to make interesting things and go places. I do not want to die because a comet crashes into the earth. This is the downside to the History Channel. Sometimes, it just completely freaks me out.

I’m using the wireless at the hotel, now, by the by. I should probably just plop this into the appropriate white box and hit the button. Besides….someone is online! =)


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