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Working Girl February 26, 2006

Posted by brianna in Verbosity.

I am here. At work. Working.


At seven freaking am. (Well, ok, it’s really 9:44 am, but I got here at 7, and that is what counts. I am not a morning person). Hate mornings. Unless I’ve happened to stay up all night, and then they are bearable, but that first ‘walk outside and feel the sun hit the back of your eyes’ feeling is downright insulting, and I will not stand for it. Soon, the sun will be fired from the morning shift, and the gentle glow of the moon will take over, not to be replaced by the sun until a more decent hour (Say, 12). As soon as I am king.


I am here in Florida wearing an all black ensamble (Work does not have uniforms that fit me). I am also wrapped in a shawl, because I am cold. You would think that, given that I came here from Maine, I would be dancing around nearly naked singing peons to the sun and laying exotic spices at its alter, but that is just not the case, because my skin draws into goosebumps the instant it gets windy – and by the water, that is quite often. So, still, it’s 72 degrees and I am wrapped in cashmere. (Doesn’t that make me sound like a Rich Girl? Ha ha ha). Florida isn’t really my style…I look weird in coral and big sunglasses, and am entirely too self conscious to wander around in a bikini. Unless I’m at the beach and everyone else is wearing one. Which I won’t do, because I’m cold.




So, last night I finished plying up my cashmere, and the single only broke twice. (Someone get me a coffee, I’ve started typing in code! No, not really). It took freaking forever, because two ounces of Cashmere is alot of yardage, and also because I refused to waste even a yard (Cashmere is freaking expensive!), so I used an Andean plying bracelet which involved me wrapping all the yarn around my hand until I looked like I was wearing some sort of freakish tan turban glove. If I do this, I end up with both ends free (the beginning and the end), and can twist the two singles into two ply without any waste. And the yarn only broke…twice! Which really isn’t too bad for something fragile like cashmere. It’s now draped attractively over a chair, drying, waiting to be wound into a ball for…something. =) Now…what do I spin next? I’ll probably grab the Lorna’s Laces wool…I was getting such a nice single out of it, and after the stolid beigeness of the cashmere, I could use some violent pink, teal and purple. There’s ten freaking ounces of it, but I’m spinning it to my ‘default’ weight and style instead of having to pay attention to every few yards.


I love how moody it is outside…grey, with a tossy wind, a little warm, and the sun is peeking out of the clouds and turning plants into that unnatural shade of green you know means a storm. Why is is that rain is predicted every time I’m not working or sleeping? True, yesterday was a day off and I spend alot of it sleeping instead of…well, doing, but that was largely due to this 7-3 shift completely screwing with my sleep schedule. Last night I ventured out to Ben & Jerry’s (How lovely and divine. I have a Ben & Jerry’s a three minute walk from my house) and got dinner. Ice Cream for dinner, just one of the benefits of being an ‘independant woman’! Do you remember being little and grouchily declaring to yourself that, when you were ‘grown up’, you would have ice cream for dinner if you wanted, would stay up late, and would certainly always have the money for this or that? Well, ha ha to that little girl, because it certainly isn’t as fascinating as I imagined to sit up till 2 am watching cartoons while eating ice cream, then forcing myself to sleep so I could come to work at 7 without wanting to kill someone! And then, at 15 I was mentally decorating the lovely apartment in a city I was sure I’d get after I’d breezed through college and had a difficult but rewarding job somewhere. Well, ha ha ha to that Brianna. College? Ha! Aprtment? Ha! Though I’m sure that Brianna would find moving all over the freaking place very interesting, at this point I’d love some sort of actual house I could actually get furniture for, and not have to limit my book buying habits because they’ll no longer fit in the car. I love getting the feel for different towns, but not having a ‘home base’ is frustrating, especially packing and unpacking all of my posessions into bins to heft into my car, and driving for days and days to get to the next one. It’s lonely.


I am the boarding pass goddess today. Also, good with mapquest and the yellow pages. I occasionally think I would make a fantastic personal assistant, but I have neither the connections nor the psyche to deal with someone hurling abuse at me for forgetting he takes Splenda in his frappe and not sugar! Half twist of lemon!


I’m sure not all people requiring assistants are like this, but my imagination, it defeats me.


I still cannot believe this hotel uses a DOS based system. AUGH! Of course, it does look fabulous on a resume…the ability to use three popular PMS systems (Yes. PMS. What an unfortunate acronym…and I have no idea what it stands for). I’ve now worked all three shifts here – checkouts are dead simple, checkins a little more complex (Especially with odd points things and such. I miss my no-brand hotels!), but all in all nothing to tear my hair out over. Just….DOS. Bah. The Window’s based systems at least gave me the opportunity to find workarounds and things…less stable, sure, but also flexible and accomodating of odd requests, and lots of previewing capability. My vote is still with Opera.


I could babble on…but why?


1. thelode - February 26, 2006

why not?

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