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Code February 27, 2006

Posted by brianna in Verbosity.

I was such a busy girl today. My shift felt…almost like you’d strapped me to a rollercoaster and set me off, full speed, only to carefully catch me at the bottom, slower, slower, stopped. Horrible metaphor, but a side effect of a busy day is a certain braindeadness. And also, making up words.

Everyone today had a rate dispute, it seemed. Out of six checkouts, three needed immediate adjustment, one current guest needed adjusting, and three people called with billing disputes. Thankfully, none of that involved me. Instead, I got to be concierge/front desk girl, answering phones and questions and researching restaurants and giving directions, printing maps and bording passes and finding a barber shop and so on. Some of these I’m used to from my other hotels…others are unique to an extended stay experience, where likely after a month of hotel living, people do need to get their hair cut, find a doctor or pharmacy, go grocery shopping, etc. I also reorganized two drawers, which seems piddly but turned into a huge project and transformed my desk into an epic disaster area – takeout menus, brochures and business cards scattered everywhere. It’s lovely now, though. Hooray for me.

So, work work work.

I do have a complaint! Life, why is international calling to expensive? It isn’t fair that my five dollars only buys one hour of phone time. Hearing ‘you have one minute’ is probably the most depressing thing ever to hear in the middle of an interesting conversation…especially when it feels like that particular conversation has lasted only five minutes. So, life, please. Cheap calling cards for all!

I am sitting outside, on a bench, once again ‘borrowing’ wireless. Because…hey, if they wanted noone to use it, they would put a password on it, right? =) At least I’m only doing emails and this thing and some IM stuff. Not going to worry with downloading on someone else’s connection…that seems rude, like being invited to spend the night at someone’s house and deciding that gives you the right to re-arrange their furniture and also eat everything in the fridge. So. It’s windy today, but warmish, though I am still wrapped in layers – my usual black on black, but this time with a mohair sweater over and a shawl over that! I’m sure my being all wrapped up makes someone happy, though! =) I had very strange dreams all night and woke up no less than three times. I seem to have the worst sleep when I know I have an alarm set…my body is just waiting for it to go off, and I wake often to see what time it is, how long I have left to sleep, and so forth.

And, continuing with the ‘random people on the street decide to talk to Brianna’ trend, a man just came up and asked me about my computer. And so, I went on and on and on about it. Because…well, I have a Mac and I love it. =) Sigh. such a stereotype. But what the crap? At least once a day I seem to get into a conversation with some person who I have never seen before, about my computer or me smiling or…who knows. And it isn’t even like I’m doing anything interesting! I am sitting somewhere, typing. Why didn’t anyone tell me it was ‘talk to Brianna’ month? I would have dressed up or something.

This is amazing. It is the daytime. And I am awake. And doing something not pertaining to getting ready for bed. I mean, yes, I’m typing on the computer, which is hardly out of the ordinary, but there is sunshine involved. Alas, all is not peaches and cream…the cars growling by are noisy and overpowered, and I don’t like wind much, but regardless, it’s pretty pleasant. If I were feeling more motivated, I’d try to find a yarn store….but I rather think I should knit up the yarn I have! For….someone. =)

Why is noone ever online when I am? It’s much more fun to type on and on when I have a nice distracting IM reminding me of what’s in my head to go on and on about…

Though, please, when I am 60 never let me wear a stupid ill fitting t-shirt with a slogan on it. Please. No ‘You’ve come a long way, baby’. No ‘Boca Raton Surf Shop!’ No red hat society! Because I’m cringing here, imagining myself mincing along somewhere wearing a huge coral shirt with little sandals and beach umbrellas silkscreened across the chest tucked into white elastic band shorts pulled too high, huge sunglasses and the least attractive purple mules ever, mouth smeared bright red. No, no, no. I’d much rather be one of the scarier older women in the billowing caftan and crazy hair, or the overdressed sort in baggy linen suits than be a ‘cute t-shirt’ one. I will have to watch myself closely to avoid this horrible fate.

Also – no buying nicknacks with the name of the town on it. Please.

I love it when guests pass me on the street and say ‘thanks for your help’. It makes me feel glowy. =)

I sort of want to go clothes shopping. But I have no money with which to go clothes shopping. So I can’t. But I want to. Because spring skirts are calling my name! Sadly, most of the shops here specialize in violent colors that make me look terminally ill. Florida isn’t much on the deep muted colors I love, prefering sherberts and shocking pinks. But I’m sure I could find something! Something swirly and cotton and…sigh. Oh, for money! Oh, the things I could buy! Of course the idea of this whole ‘only the posessions that could fit in my car’ endeavor is cutting down on the needless spending and material accumulation…but I have justification! I do not buy nicknacks, home decor, jewelry, furniture, electronics, car accessories, makeup or gadgets as a hobby. I do accumulate fiber, for spinning, spinning things, pictures and photographs, books, and clothing. So, all in all, I spend my money on mostly useful things! So, me wanting to go and buy skirts isn’t neccessarily bad…right?

Please, just agree with me. =)

It isn’t like I have the money, anyhow. And, also, when I get new things it means I can give old things away, which is very charitable, right?


I also wish I could get sushi, but I’m not hungry enough for it. If I spend money on good sushi, I will be getting alot and making the most of my extravagance. And…I would much rather be buying phone cards.

I should be spinning. Or knitting. I certainly need to wash my face! So, this will end now, and some will be sad, and some will thank god because I do have an excess of words to arrange in sentences.

Though, really, if you’re going to be exasperated by the length and content of this…you probably aren’t getting this far, and the point is moot!


1. thelode - February 28, 2006

is it true that cashmere only comes from the underbelly portion of a certain type of goat? I’d heard that but don’t know if that is completely true.

glowy — great word and descriptor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

about the old ladies dressing about 1/4 their age … amen to what you said. that is something that irks me. grow up already … oh you are a fossil already …. get a clue. it’s not going to ruin my day type of thing but i don’t appreciate it and think it should be stopped.

i got a desk that needs some cleaning and organizing. i’ll leave that for another day.

2. someone! - February 28, 2006

hey people, who said you can write comments on my Brianna’s posts?
she is MY Brianna! get yourself a Brianna of your own!


3. thelode - March 1, 2006

didn’t mean to impinge.

she’s a great writer and i enjoy[ed] it.

no worries.

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