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Kindness of Strangers March 9, 2006

Posted by brianna in Verbosity.

Total miles walked on Monday: 7 or so.

Number of bandaids on feet: 20+

Number of places stopped to acquire said bandaids: Two! A church and a house.

It’s hours later. I walked and walked tonight…to slow my mind and to stretch my legs and to caffinate!

And now it is two days later, and my mind is dead, dead, dead. My feet still hurt from my long walk, and my back is sore. I decided to find a yarn shop, because that is an important thing to find in a new community. Those are the first places I seek out in a new town, and there are at least three here in DelRay – one that the yellow pages stated was just over a mile away! Lovely, completely walkable. I got dressed and found shoes and packed my bag and set off with a nebulous sense of direction – if I got lost, I could just turn around, right? I had a lovely time at first, window shopping and getting the aforementioned caffine, but after turning off the main road and no yarn shop immediately apparent, I began to worry. Half an hour later, I was seriously doubting my mission – where on earth was this place?

I borrowed the Yellow Pages from a perfect stranger. The Yellow Pages swore the yarn shop was 3xx. I? I was at 2000. Confused and tired, I limped across the street to a church. I’ve not voluntarily set foot inside a church for some time now – they make me feel paniky and paranoid. But, in I walked, requesting bandaids. And lo, bandaids were provided, along with directions! For the nice lady working in the office was a knitter. A knitter who knew where I was trying to go! It was a miracle. I discover that the yarn shop has MOVED. To a completely different street. Which is actually much much closer than even the original location.


So, I set off in the way I came, feet appropriately bandaged. Twenty minutes later, the bandaids started to slip off.


My feet are hurting, I’m hot, I’m out of bandaids…my day, at that moment, was not good. I start looking around for an occupied-looking house. Now, the South used to be known for its hospitality, but these days it seems noone ventures outside their homes. people don’t really socialize in yards or over hedges…on my walk through a residential area, I saw no kids playing, noone having tea in a back yard….no signs of life. So I was a bit apprehensive in knocking on a perfect stranger’s door and demanding bandages. Yet, that is exactly what I did. And, surprisingly, came across a very polite and helpful young mother and her children who waved excitedly at me from their window, and was provided with many, many bandaids.


Those bandaids lasted another ten minutes. Walking in the head really does not favor bandaid durability. Finally I reach a pharmacy and end up /taping up/ my feet with elastic cloth tape. This works, and is weird looking, and I make it to the yarn shop intact.

At the yarn shop, I find heavenly sock yarn impregnated with jojoba and aloe, and handyed silk to spin! Delightful! The owners are busy unpacking, but are helpful, and once they learn I spin they show me samples the fiber artist who dyed the silk sent them. And then….they let me spin the samples. So, after my ordeal I found myself sitting on a weaving bench (Did I mention their shop is geared towards weaving, something I want to do for a living? No? Well, it is) at a sturdy spinning wheel, spinning silk into wabi-sabi thick and thin singles. While I’m doing this, the person who dyed the silk calls, and I end up talking to her while spinning. Then, I’m told I can keep what I’m spinning if I spin some blue silk for the store owner…sort of a trade.

It turned into a good day. But a frustrating night, as I lost about a third of the silk in a gigantic tangle later, and the frustration is still hanging on as I am feeling drained and tired and it’s taken me forever to write this very factual and boring accounting of events that is just the sort of entry I hate.

I think this is my least favorite attitude, emotion, mood…empty dull scratchy head, lack of motivation. Not tired, not energized. Staring at the screen, contemplating fingernails, no energy to even daydream, lonely, blah. Today was a bad email day, and last night I basically whined for an hour due to bothersome insecurity that I’m sure gets tiresome, before trying to snap out of it and actually…you know, Make Conversation like I used to.

I’m lying in bed, fully clothed, skirt and hose and shirt still on for some reason as if I think I might leave this room before noon tomorrow.

I am so frustrated.

I am going to stop typing because it is not helping me feel any better.

I thought I would eventually stop feeling like this.


1. thelode - March 10, 2006

What an ordeal with your feet. I did not understand what had hurt them and what the bandaids were doing. Not that it matters but hearing about them sparked my curiousity as to the cause.

Cool thing about weaving and that being something you might want to do forever. That’s cool.

I think we all go through little “blah” phases in life. Not fun. I know I go through them and they are definitely ‘blah.’ I think sometimes I like feeling blah (drama or something) but overall I know that i hate the blahs.


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