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Asterisk March 13, 2006

Posted by brianna in Verbosity.

Well, I had a good two paragraphs all typed here and then Safari crashed and they went away and I was a very annoyed panda.

So, a summary of the lost paragraphs – I have been putting off writing here for a variety of reasons. I am fairly annoyed by this but only think of things to write at inconvinient times and then just never actually set them into sentences and paragraphs here. Work has been wonky and screwing mightily with my sleep, and I am greedily waiting for Tuesday so I will be able to pay bills, buy food and purchase phonecards as CERTAIN PEOPLE are busy and never email.


So, at this moment I am arranged cross legged on my bed nibbling on semi-sweet chocolate laced with ground espresso beans. It is fabulous. Last night was a socialization night, as my friend from across the courtyard brought his daughter over for a spinning lesson, and then went to do laundry as we (the daughter (who is nine) and I) danced like idiots to Depeche Mode. I don’t dance at all, really, but somehow it is easier when you and a nine year old are giggling and flinging your arms all over and singing to ‘John the Revelator’. It was awesome. I’d put on Daft Punk and she seemed kind of bored and asked if I knew Depeche Mode. Do I know Depeche Mode?! Of course, I’ve only seen them twice and have almost every album of theirs on my computer. And then she asks….do you have John the Revelator? AUGH! Only my favorite song. So there was alot of bouncing…and then we got caught dancing like fools by said friend.

Strangely, I was not embarrased.

Then I went down to Hollywood with them to drop off the kidlet, and then sushi happened! And I ate sooo many soybeans. I heart me some steamed soy beans. And then Sex and the City was on TV and I made him watch it. And it was a completely splendid night.

So, socializing! Me! Amaaaazing.

A few days before I took a long walk to the yarn shop, and then to the natural food store for salsa and chips and tea and chocolate! And as is my way, I brought the laptop and set up at the tables outside after purchasing my goods and taking advantage of the wine and cheese sampling station (oooh, yum. Mmmmm). So, I sit and type with someone and eat my chips and salsa and watching families walk by, when one three-unit family sort of slows down and the dad goes ‘Hey, is that Enrico’s salsa? Oh, look, it’s Enrico’s. Do you like it? That’s the salsa my family makes’.

And I sit and blink for a few seconds and stutter out something like ‘Oh, it’s great…this is sort of weird…um’.

Yes, I did say it was weird.

And then off they went. So, I met the guy who had a hand in the salsa I was eating, as bizzare as that was.

I also had a myriad of people slow and stop and ask me if there was wireless in the area (yes), if this was a Mac (yes), where Starbucks was (One block west) and if there was Sushi in the area (Yes, keep walking west, it’ll be on your right). I have developed the ‘talk to me, ask me where things are’ aura apparently. My life here seems bizzare. It’s a totally ordinary life, but it’s more like someone else’s totally ordinary life that I’ve dropped into – where, instead of being the quiet girl who never talks to anyone and people sort of tiptoe around who has odd hobbies, I am the quiet girl who strangers talk to for no reason and gets invited places and people bring other people to so they can watch said strange hobbies. I’ve gone from ‘reclusive’ to ‘ecclectic’, and I’m sort of enjoying it – slowly beginning to realize that I might be considered an interesting person by some people. Wow! People want to spend time with me!


In other news, I’ve begun to hate various commercials. The axe ones about regrettable hookups (How about….just not getting sloppy drunk and sleeping with various people? How about that, hmm?) I HATE e-harmony commercials. Hate, hate, searing anger. The people on those commercials are…possibly the most annoying people you could ever be neighbors with. The ones who glomph together in grocery store lines and babytalk each other. The ones who, whenever you express a single relationship problem, roll their eyes fondly at each other and then give you the most freaking pat idealized advice ever, and then the next day their pastor shows up at your door because ‘they’re just trying to help!’. I want to stop and pout like a toddler when I see those freaking things and yell at the TV that LIFE IS NOT LIKE THAT YOU ARE SCARY…but I don’t think they’d hear.

It’s a little irrational, but having glossy Stepford perfection rubbed in my face is irritating.

Oh, oh, there is a horse on Dharma and Greg….I miss riding. I miss the glossy boots and breeches and the jumps and the grooming and the fun of wandering through the woods on horseback looking for logs to hop over and so forth and so on. Sigh. Unfortunately, horses are expensive. More expensive than cats. Maybe one day I will get to do the horse thing again! Though, after typing this I feel more like a twelve year old squeeing over pooonies and pink ribbons, etc etc.

But, speaking of Dharma and Greg, I want to /be/ Dharma and Greg. With the wackiness and the fighting that manages to resolve and the happy dancing about. Probably my favorite TV couple.

I am ashamed of having a favorite TV couple. I’m sure I could go on and on about relationships and things and so forth, but the idea of waxing on for paragraphs about TV couples when a few weeks ago I did the same for Disney characters is a little frightening, so I just….won’t.

I’m spinning a very uncharacteristic yarn these days. I usually spin a tight, uniform two-ply. Good for socks or gloves or what have you…but also time consuming and a little boring at times. These last few days, I’m spinning lofty bulky two ply. I took a chunk of Romney fleece, washed it, combed it, dyed it, and am now spinning it. It’s fast! I did a huge skein in less than a day, and am working on the second. I’m so proud of myself for spinning ‘thick’ yarn…it’s hard to change from a ‘default weight’, so huge accomplishment here. It’s pinks and purples and would be fabulous felted, or as a hat…I don’t really need a hat or anything, though, so I have no idea what I’ll do with it. Perhaps there will be a picture later, when I’m done.

I’m still knitting cashmere and have started a sock as well. Fascinating.

So, now I will finish my chocolate and go back to spinning and feel a little more accomplished as I’ve actually written something, and also spun something, and also…um.

Well, nothing!


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