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Oh, what the hell October 15, 2006

Posted by brianna in Verbosity.

It’s 3:30 AM and I thought I’d see if I’d gotten any interesting google hits (not really, though three hits from people searching for ‘Brianna’. Hi.)

Anyhow, I was already here, and in the interest of reducing mouseclicks (lazy girl that I am), I am typing some black marks up here for random people to decipher.

Again: Hi.

(why does this feel like one of those ‘I just started writing on the internet!’ posts? Because, really, I haven’t. Just started, that is.)

Anyhow, I am pleased to announce that weekends have meaning again, due to the 9-5 job thing I am currently doing. To many, that would be painful and death preferable, but I am enjoying the structure. Sleeping until 3 pm has /meaning/ and that meaning is ‘I freaking woke up at 8am five days in a row, I will sleep until it is no longer interesting’. I then returned some very, very overdue movies (sorry, Rock) and bought a plethora of food and food-like items, a few articles of clothing. Clothing shopping is irritating lately, because I am not a fan of the ruffle, yet all clothing designers seem to think the ruffle is the Best Thing Ever. I have worn a solid colored t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and a black belt to work for almost a month now (of course, rotating individual items), and I need some goddamn shirts to break the self-imposed monotony. Please to nix the ruffles. Thank you.

Also in the past month (just to keep the internet at large up to date on the fascinating details of my life. Or, to keep me up to date when a tragic head injury erases all memories of this time in my life and I need this wordpress thing to reconstruct my vision of my past) I have seen the victim’s advocate person twice. It was…about what I expected it to be. But I now have technical names for a lot of things! Hooray, hyper-vigilance! It’s fun to feel the constant need to watch doors! Apparently, putting exact names to forms of behavior you are trying to eliminate helps the eliminating process. So, now when I feel the need to keep the door open while taking a shower (difficult with roommates) I can say to myself ‘B, that is hyper-vigilance’. And then, I will still keep the door cracked, but be more defined about it. =p However, I am apparently ‘bouncing back a lot faster than many other people’, and there is nothing I like more than being ahead of the curve in many ways, so – yay, me! Gold star.

I made banana bread tonight. Well, very early this morning. It turned out…reasonably well, though I think it tastes odd to me because I’m using whole wheat flour. Last week I made the best loaf of bread I have ever made – Whole Foods is a mecca of interesting ingredients.

I have also acquired a lotto ticket. I don’t buy the things (depressing), though I do enjoy the scratch-off things when people give them to me, but when I was buying beer (fizzy bread water. Ick. However, it is good to have other people’s favorite things in the refrigerator) I loaned a random man a quarter. This is apparently a very shocking thing to to, because in an excess of good nature, he turned around and bought six lottery tickets, five for him, and one for me. I don’t even know where to check the numbers. Ha. In this vein, on the way home from work on Friday, some random church was handing out free soda at a stop light. I am not going to go to church, but I will gladly drink their fizzy sugar water. (It was a Dr. Pepper, for the record). Things like this keep me happy for days. I wish you could still pay tolls for the people behind you – I used to do this all the time (especially through New England, the tolly-est place on earth), but now I see signs in all the booths that this is not allowed. Which is just…odd, but oh, well.

Oddly, despite all this activity (And I can make a little seem like a lot), I feel unproductive and lumpy. My things are breaking (the computer, the car), and it’s so frustrating – the things I cannot fix are always the things that choose to break. Or, rather, I inadvertently break them and then become frustrated not only at my lack of care, but also at the things themselves for not being more sturdy, and at my lack of knowledge in the computer-and-car repair arena. Of course, instead of actually getting things fixed, I choose to complain about them on the internet. I still have four ounces of merino and alpaca to comb for a swap I signed up for, and I have started two pairs of socks and have finished neither.

Strangely, I started writing this in a lovely mood, but now I want to hit something.

So, I will stop typing.


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