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Quickstep November 27, 2006

Posted by brianna in Verbosity.
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I love the Quickstep. I watch ballroom dancing solely for the International Standard division, because ooooh, men in tails and long swishy dresses, and then at the end is the Quickstep! And it looks like so much fun, with the running and bouncing and hopping and leg things. I would likely trip and cause some sort of catastrophic collision, especially in 4 inch heels and in a group of 20 or so, but damn I want to learn.

Um. Yeah.

Anyhow, it is 5 am and I have to work today, but as I got over 18 hours of sleep last night (!) I am not yet sleepy, so tomorrow will be…interesting. Recent comment activity reminded me that oh my goodness, I have not typed words here in some time, so I decided to do that right now. Obviously.

This is very disjointed and perhaps I am more tired than I thought?

Hm. So. Last week or so I was in New York, and that was very nice. The hotel was very nice (Even though it wasn’t the Four Seasons. Boom.) (That statement was added just to annoy Rock in a good humored way), and I got to see my sister and ride the subway and buy yarn in SoHo (my favorite neighborhood) and eat at interesting places and buy yarn at Habu and fly with a sinus infection! It was wicked awesome. Our flight was delayed at JFK due to fog, and the into Ft. Lauderdale due to a thunderstorm, and I was a Very Tired Girl when I finally got home, who also had popped ears. They sent me home early from work the next day, because I was truly a pathetic individual.

Also, for the record, pure cranberry juice is absolutely revolting. Ew, ew, ew.

Ick. I feel dull and unmotivated. Four days off should leave me feeling fresh and energized, but without the interaction I end up sitting here along researching odd things (I now know a lot about lobotomy, and am slightly more clear on the Kennedy thing, and also chromosome disorders like XXX and XXY and such! This is highly useful information!) and snacking and staring into space and knitting off and on, and feeling guilty about things I’m not doing…it’s very annoying. Of course, the solution would be to /do/ something, but…eh. Why? When there are bizarre things like lobotomy to research?

Also, why does there have to be a Christmas? I like getting stuff, but once you hit about 15, 16, you’re expected to give your fair share, so now I am worrying about buying gifts for 10 or so people and argh that is annoying. I mean, I really enjoy giving gifts, but Christmas gifts are also sort of public things. A random gift is often opened in the privacy of one’s own home and mentioned to a few people and is a nice surprise. Christmas gifts sit under the tree and have to be nicely wrapped, and then they’re announced and opened around tons of people who all know it was you who bought it and then see what it is, and then they get to mentally evaluate it later and it would really suck to be ‘Brianna who gave soandso the really weird random cheapie gift’ when everyone gets drunk somewhere else later. At least I avoided the Uncomfortable Thanksgiving Gathering this year. I don’t really ‘do’ Thanksgiving.

What Brianna Dislikes about Thanksgiving Dinners.

First of all, I don’t know anyone. Even if it’s a family dinner, chances are I know my immediate family, and the names of five or so distant relatives, and have never seen the 20 other people before in my life. This makes me very nervous. However, I am not allowed to sit quietly on my own and read or knit or something. I have to talk and entertain these random people I don’t really know, and to do otherwise is ‘very rude’. So I am stuck. No one is my age, and if they are, they already have three children they are chasing everywhere in an attempt to control the damage. People end up plunking down next to me and engaging in really mind-numbing conversations about their child’s development, someone else’s medical problems, ‘what I’m up to’, or what has been cooked. I cannot politely leave these conversations. Then there is some sort of buffet food thing, with lots of strange vegetables I don’t like (collard greens? Rutabaga. Beets.), dry turkey or ham, mashed potatoes (Bright spot! I love me some mashed potatoes), deviled eggs…this is eaten on paper plates in front of the TV. There is always football on TV. After eating, everyone’s expected to just sort of….lounge around and talk longer. By this time I am /desperate/ to sit in a room, away from people, to stop my head from buzzing.

It is Not Fun. It is Very Uncomfortable. There is never any alcohol and always lots of praying. No, no, no.

I’m sure some people’s holiday celebrations are much different, but the feeling of obligation is very tedious, as is the forced interaction.

And that is what I don’t like about Thanksgiving.

I bought some lovely pens the other day! They are super-fine nibbed pens with that nice liquidy ink, and will be fabulous at work. I found myself filling out my passport application tonight just so I could use them, and wishing I had some form of artistic ability so I could do those nifty looking minimal-line sketches that just sort of suggest and object and look really easy until you try to do it and then cannot even fool yourself that the kindergarten nature of the drawings is a ‘style’ because really, you just suck and should stop trying.

I also bought a new toothbrush. I love my toothbrush. Everyone go buy a funky looking really expensive toothbrush called the ‘Radius’. You will never go back, they are totally awesome and the huge brushing surface does an amazing job at scrubbing your teeth. I feel so much more efficient when I brush my teeth now!

I wish I had a sock knitting machine.

B out.