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OMFG January 24, 2007

Posted by brianna in Verbosity.

Yay, AirTran

So, this family is on a plane. A small, crowded tube full of people who want to get to their destination just as much as this family does. Yet, the family’s two year old daughter is throwing a tantrum, kicking and screaming and crawling under seats and┬ádisturbing other passengers. Delaying the flight.

But the /airline/ is getting bitched at for asking them to leave? If they continue to enforce the ‘no screaming tantrums’ rule, I’ll be sure to book my next ticket with them. (Because I do so much air travel, you know)

People. It is /your job/ to make your toddlers calm the fuck down. Not the airlines to sit back while you try every toy, cuddle, and threat in your head to get Precious to ‘play nice’. And if the flight is delayed and your kid is under my chair and kicking me? Hell. No. Get off. You get to adapt to the situation you are in. We do not have to adapt to you. And if this means you get home later? Too bad, should have thought of that before dragging your kid on that┬áplane. You get your money back and a later flight.

I am /so tired/ of businesses bending over backwards to accommodate behavior like this. Yes, children are not adults. I do expect aberrant behavior from the knee-highs on some occasions. This is fine in parks, amusement parks, Wal-Mart, McDonalds, and any store with many small children in their commercials. This is NOT FINE in small stores, movie theaters (Unless you’re seeing Disney or Pixar or something), any sort of live show, busses, crowded areas teeming with humanity, any restaurant with tablecloths and a martini list, and airplanes. If your child decides to lose its mind in one of these places, REMOVE THEM so I don’t get an unwelcome taste of your home life. ‘Under 12’ does not mean ‘can do what the fuck it pleases and be excused for it’.

Please take note.

Praise the alleged Jesus I do not have children.


Housekeeping January 23, 2007

Posted by brianna in Verbosity.
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I am taking a break at work! “Brianna!” you say “It is 7:22, you should not be at work!”.

Ah, but I am. Because there are heaps and heaps of files here, and every day I leave on time is a day things become worse, and worse, and so instead I am just staying here to freaking do them and perhaps order delicious Thai and eat it and listen to the corny radio station play.

At least, that is the plan!

The lovely Rock flew out again today. And already, I miss him. Blah.

In the last few weeks I have….

Gotten a raise
Reinstalled MS office twice onto my Boss’s PC
Gotten a new computer
Celebrated New Year’s in a swirly dress
Signed up for Twitter (Damn you, Travis)
Bought a sweater to replace my ‘vintage’ (read: old and ugly) jacket
Interviewed many people so as not to have this many files making a fortress around me at all times.
Flipped off the phone on numerous occasions
Looked at lofts
Collected paint chips!
Attended a wedding
Broken several nails
Decided I no longer knew what my favorite color was….I’m now leaning towards greens.

And, well, I have been busy. Not a lot to complain about, no desparate situations, but I now understand people who say they had ‘no time’. I used to scoff…no time? Right, like they can’t find five minutes in the day to do this or that.


It is hard when you have something to do every moment of the day. My living area is horribly disorganized. My hair is almost always in a ponytail. I’ve needed to buy new jeans for a month.

Have you ever noticed that it is much easier to get through the day when there is a fully stocked candy jar somewhere nearby? Nothing like a high calorie little square of chocolate and nuts to make you feel less like strangling the person on the other end of the phone. (Seriously. Who calls and, with no other information, simply states that they need status on ‘their file’. And when you ask…..which file? Have no idea. Really. Anyone?) I have also formed a little love afair with diet coke with splenda. Fizzyness, like chocolate, helps life grate less on the nerves.

At least, in my experience.