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Worst Day of the Year! September 28, 2007

Posted by brianna in Verbosity.


Yesterday, a coworker gets fired in the middle of the day.

Hell breaks loose in office, as noone knows how to do what said coworker did, and said job is an essential part of the office workflow.

Today, get to work, more chaos. Faxing things to other offices, constant phonecalls, and I want to stab myself in the eye.

Client calls, we lost their order, or rather someone did as I was on vacation when it was lost.

Said client is one of the few who consistantly sends orders over in this horribly slow period, so we’re fucked.

A crew is called, the job is time consuming, it takes him an hour to get there. It’s 4:00.

I have a flight at 8:10.

I babysit the order as long as I can, and get to my house at 6.

On the way to the house, my coworker calls. She has my debit card – I forgot to get it back from her.

I take the fastest shower known to man, get dressed, throw things in suitcase. It’s 6:30, I have time.

Get call, need to take laptop with me. Wait for laptop.

I receive the laptop, at 6:40? Ish? Throw into suitcase, jump in the car, on the road.

Someone is hauling a boat down US 1

Someone is hauling boat down US 1, and trying to merge onto 595.

I get stuck behind the cars behind the boat for 15 minutes.

I finally get to the airport. There is no parking.

I find parking.

Parking is a 10 minute walk from any terminal, but I find my way to my terminal, run to checkin, see sign ‘Must check in 30 minutes prior to flight!’

I have made it!

I try to check in.

‘International flights cannot check in here!’

There is noone at gate.

I have missed my flight.

I cannot get out of parking, coworker has my debit card.

And, my phone has died.

I am fucked.



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