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He went to Jared! February 5, 2008

Posted by brianna in Verbosity.
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THESE ARE THE MOST INSIPID COMMERCIALS EVER. Oh, how I hate them. Yes, the best way to show your everlasting love is to go the the Wal-Mart of jewelry and buy an overpriced something every other woman in the world has! Because every girl loves the ‘journey diamond necklace’ her mother, best friend, in-laws and boss have! Yes!

They’re not intended to be realistic, I know, but really. If I heard some woman exclaim ‘You went to Jared!’ in a restaurant, I would not jealously hiss the name of the jewelry store to my boyfriend. I would ask him to forever boycott the store.  

Also, why is there not a more appealing term than ‘boyfriend’? It’s good when you’re seventeen or whatever, but at 25 it’s a bit dated. ‘Partner’ is too PC, ‘SO’…no one knows  what that means, and it sounds silly in conversation, and hell if I will ever refer to someone as ‘my man’. No, no, no. Someone, quick. Coin a term.