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I am Brianna (). I read interesting things online all day…even though I should be working. I decided I wanted to own a business before I turned 30, so me and a partner started one. We’re going on our second year and so far it’s paid my bills, which I find totally astonishing, and astonishingly satisfying.

I have too much wool, more yarn than I could possibly knit up in a year and a debilitating internet addiction. Though, really, how much wool is ‘too much’?

The internet is the ultimate playground for the habitual reader. Instead of getting frustrated when books end and there is no money to buy more…you just find something interesting and inhale it top to bottom. Perfect.

I doubt this will ever be considered ‘something interesting’.

I’ve mostly given up on making my hair look like anything other than a wild thing trapped by an elastic.

The hardest thing is cleaning house when there are other, more interesting things to do.

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